Power of Metal.dk Review

Jumping Jack
Trucks & Bones
Style: Stoner Doom
Release date: 5 March, 2012
Playing time: 48:33

Maybe I was put off by the moniker but this album had been in my ‘To Review’ pigeon-hole for quite a while and now that I’ve surrendered my ears to it, I’m kind of regretting not having checked it out earlier.


Jumping Jack ply a type of Stoner Doom that hovers between up-tempo, in-your-face, power and Grunge-inspired angst. For suitable points of reference think of bands like Kyuss, Orange Goblin and, to a certain degree, Pantera…..then raise the aggression meter a couple of notches. “Trucks And Bones” possesses the audio equivalent of a string of heavyweight’s right hooks and the songs are well-imbued with an intense passion that you’d be hard-hearted not to warm to. There’s more…..Julian Bells’ vocals are at the same time vitriolic and melodic and the production is raw but also has a modern touch. In short, the album packs a punch.


“Trucks And Bones” never deviates from the band’s music niche and won’t change the way you think about music. That said, it’s one helluva fun ride while it lasts. The songs’ accessibility and bluntness strike me as being well-suited for a live delivery so it could be worth booking a place at your local venue if Jumping Jack happen to be passing by.

01. She Made No Resist
Wet Desert
Crystal Tree
Into My Eyes
Churches Flames
Taxidermic Sensation
Fucking Holidays
Black Jack
Siren’s Blast
Drubk Peasant
Label: Klonosphére
Distribution: Klonosphére/Season of Mist
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 1 March, 2013
Website: www.jumpingjackgroup.com