Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Thrash/metalcore
Release date: 2 October, 2013
Playing time: 68:13

Modern Thrashcore from Greece and as far as I know it is their second album. In 2011 they released the album 'ChaosElecdead', an album with 9 rather short songs leaning towards thrash, but with some clean singing also. A dime a dozen album that didn't make my piss boil. This new album has only 8 tracks, but lasts over an hour. Have they become a doom or a progressive band? No, the music is still modern thrash(core) reminding me a bit of Slipknot, Grip Inc, Chiraw and Soulfly, but with softer clean singing parts embedded and a style change half way thru the album.

The intro on "We the Hellenes" sounds like a combination of Eastern and Indian influences (perhaps it is Greek) to me. After that the song explodes into a modern thrash track with clean singing parts. On the next song "Together As One", the style the band plays in the heavier parts reminds me of the Dutch band Chiraw. So far every song has an intro, fortunately the one of the third song is short. The vocals are in an aggressive shouting style, but lack diversity. After the third song I have heard enough and when the fourth song starts again, fast and in the same kind of singing style, my final conclusion is made. More than 60 points will not happen, but then the fifth song "Eleysis" starts with an inaudible kind of whispering.

Again the same chainsaw riffs appear, but this time with orchestral parts and even choir singing. After this epic track these orchestral bombastic parts also appear in the end of the song "Athena". "The 7 Dogs" even starts with a choir and I begin wondering if the band decided half way thru the recording to change their style. Again an inaudible spoken part is followed up by the same heavy chainsaw riffing as on the first songs. Especially these heavy aggressive parts all sound the same and that makes the band a bit boring. All in all, the band saves their rating with the last 5 songs on the album. If this is the new path they will follow, I give them the benefit of the doubt. Sure there are quite a few things they have to develop, especially the heavy aggressive modern thrashy parts need more variety and the singing style gets bored after a while.

Far from the best album I heard this month, but not the worst neither.

01. We the Hellenes
02. Together As One
03. The Cave Myth
04. Reign Into the Light
05. Eleysis
06. Athena
07. The 7 Dogs
08. Zero Point
09. Alexander
Label: Noisehead Records
Distribution: Wild Horizon Media
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 19 October, 2013
Website: www.myspace.com/insidead