Power of Metal.dk Review

4 Shades of Me
Style: Blackened Thrash/Death Metal
Release date: 12 March, 2013
Playing time: 40:06

Holy Satan, I wouldn't want to wrestle with Mona Beck, the vocalist of Illnath! She sounds as if she eats a grown man a day. I can see from the website of Danish Illnath that Mona isn't part of the band anymore and has been replaced by a youug lady called Marika - I hope for the band that the new vixen is as powerful as her predecessor.

'4 Shades of Me' is a powerful album, and much of the reason for this is Mona's black/death bellowing. But of course she doesn't make up the whole picture. This is hard as bones, highly accentuated, tight blackened thrash metal. Simple, crude, yet with a melodic solo and a melodic riff (try It's On Me for a sudden overload of melody) here and there to prove that Illnath is not just about crushing your face.

If you like music which places itself in the interface between thrash/black and death, you might want to check out this one. It's got a bit of everything and a secure handling of writing songs which in more than one case manage to stick to your brain for while. Definitely an approved effort!

01. Blood Warrior
02. Gallow Hill
03. King of Your Mind
04. Pieces
05. No Salvation
06. Captain of the Seven Seas
07. Unleashed
08. Shade of Me
09. Not My God
10. It's on Me
11. Angelic Voices Calling
Label: Pitch Black Records
Distribution: Pitch Black Records
Artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 30 July, 2013
Website: www.illnath.dk