Power of Metal.dk Review

Heavy Machinery
Style: Technical Progressive Thrash
Release date: 23 September, 2013
Playing time: 55:24

Hybris are from London, but they sound as if they are hailing from the Bay Area. Their thrash has its roots in the Bay Area thrash, but sometimes it sounds rather dissonant and technical.

The intro "Uprising" makes me think of Mekong Delta because of the typical against the grain kind of style. After that the track "Hypertube" takes you on a journey to the eighties with the typical Bay Area sounding riffs and fast singing style. Sometimes it sounds rather hectic and besides Exodus, Death Angel influences also passes by. At times the progressive and a bit hectic structure of the songs link to bands like Coroner, Voivod and perhaps the band Toxik. "Foe Or Friend" has a bit more groove and sounds in the slower parts like a crossing of Anvil and Overkill. The bass is mixed rather in front of the music in a way Sadus and Overkill are known to do.

When you listen to the album for the first time it will sound a bit chaotic. The Bay Area riffs are recognizable, but you have to get used to the many breaks and the ADHD riffs. Another point of critic is the songwriting. It certainly sounds very skilled and ingenious, but the songs are not catchy and do not stick. I think that for a lot of thrash fans will have a problem with this album because of this.

For a debut this isn't bad, but I'm afraid that for a lot of thrash fans it will be a little too technical and ramble.

01. Uprising
02. Hypertube
03. Shadowplay
04. Foe Or Friend
05. Collission
06. Insidious
07. Emperor
08. Volcano
09. Hubris
10. Cult of Doom
Label: Candlelight Records
Distribution: Plastic head Music
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 18 September, 2013
Website: www.hybrisband.com