Power of Metal.dk Review

Colored Sands
Style: Technical Death Metal
Release date: 3 September, 2013
Playing time: 62:48

Gorguts from Canada is back with a new album! I remember having a tape with the first album of them called 'Considered Dead'. A brutal death metal album, which I listened to with much pleasure. After that the band became more technical and experimental with their 1993 album 'The Erosion of Sanity' and their technical highlight 'Obscura' in 1998. The music on the 2001 album 'From Wisdom to Hate' was a certain mix of their earlier ones.

Luc Lemay is the only original member and therefore you can conclude that Gorguts = Lemay. The music on this new album is definitely recognizable as Gorguts, but isn't very easy to listen to in the beginning. It is very technical and experimental, has complex structures, strange riffs and spectacular drum parts. Very massive songs are varied by very fast ones ("An Ocean of Wisdom"). But also a very heavy, almost doom kind of track "Absconders" can be heard on the album. The strangest track is "The Battle of Chamdo", which is a classical soundtrack piece of music with string instruments.

Gorguts shows that technical death metal is far from dead. The dissonant riffs, the complexity, the brutality, the experimental parts and all that combined with excellent skills makes this album one of the best technical death metal albums this year. If you are into straight forward death metal in Debauchery and Six Feet Under style, you can skip this album, but for those, who love technical death metal; this is an album you will like for certain!

Line up: Luc Lemay, rhythm guitar, vocals; Kevin Hufnagel, lead guitar; Colin Marston, bass; John Longstreth, drums.

01. Let Toit du Monde
02. An Ocean of Wisdom
03. Forgotten Arrows
04. Colored Sands
05. The Battle of Chamdo
06. Enemies of Compassion
07. Ember's Voice
08. Absconders
09. Reduced to Silence
Label: Season of Mist
Distribution: Season of Mist
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 28 August, 2013
Website: www.gorguts.com