Power of Metal.dk Review

The Chronicles of Khiliasmos
Style: Post Black Metal Sludge
Release date: 30 November, 2012
Playing time: 38:30

Even if (post) black metal is the label put on this Belgian band in the promo letter, you'd have to familiar with Gorath's previous releases to know that they've had anything to do with black metal. It's hard to find signs of black metal.

If I hadn't been told otherwise, I would've guessed Gorath had always been a sludge band with a penchant for doom rock. Because that's what the major part of this release is. Sludgy doom rock with a growl on top. Yes, I know that five minutes into the second of the three tracks of 'The Chronicles of Khiliasmos', Gorath speed up things for a couple of minutes, but it doesn't change the overall characterisation of the album - only in the sense that it creates a fine and needed variation.

Variation of moods is definitely also on offer throughout the third, epic, 21-minute cut of the album. There are no black metal blasts at all, but different moods of sludgy rock, acoustic pieces, noisy pieces, slow and fast and even...silence. That's right, silence. That's novel!

There's something special about this album which I can't put my finger on exactly. It has a special vibe which isn't like that of all the other sludgy doom bands out there, and it's a vibe which makes a difference.

Sadly, this is the last album from Gorath as the band, according to the press material, has dissolved, but don't let that stop you from checking out this fine release.

1. Khiliasmos I
2. Khiliasmos II
3. Khiliasmos III

Label: ConSouling Sounds
Distribution: ConSouling Sounds
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 9 January, 2013
Website: www.gorath.be