Power of Metal.dk Review

Giant X
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 21 January, 2013
Playing time: 48:45

The fans of Running Wild have something scrumptious to put your teeth into. Rolf Kasparek and Peter Jay Jordan have created a new metal project called Giant X and this is the first child from them. With decades of professional experience from the big stages with Running Wild these guys have enough in their backpacks with a lot of groovy rock music and heavy metal sound.

The German metal veterans have used the time well and have made a personal and quite cool mix of tracks on this album. Both the faster metal tracks and the slower blues/rock songs are strong and very enjoyable. It's the vocals that are the weakest link, but if you can handle the special German accent, you will be very pleased with this disc.

A raw production and a basic metal style that keeps me smiling and leaves me with a happy mood in my chest. Giant X manages to keep my interest without advanced or complex technical debauchery all the way to the end, despite the flawed song titles and so-so vocal effort. It is the music that  holds together. The cliché rock-metal are sometimes too much like in 'Don't Quit Till Tomorrow', but I like it when I'm in the right mood. The guitars are absolutely gorgeous throughout the album. 'Badland Blues' is one favourite song to me. Little slower and more melodic. Stunning guitar solos!

Not the best album I've heard in my life, but if you are a fan of German heavy metal and Running Wild in particular, this should be of interest to you.

01. The Rise Of Giant X (Intro)
On A Blind Flight
Don't Quit Till Tomorrow
Badland Blues
Now or Never
Nameless Heroes
Go 4 It
The Count
Rough Ride
Friendly Fire
Let's Dance
12. Soulsurvivors
13. R.O.C.K
Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Distribution: Playground Music (Scandinavia)
Artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 15 January, 2013
Website: http://youtube/hPpZm9A8aLc