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Final Depravity
Thrash Is Just Beginning
Style: Thrash
Release date: 13 December, 2013
Playing time: 44:52

After the first tunes you immediately hear that this band hails from Germany. They do not try to invent a new kind of genre, but play thrash in the vein of Kreator, Sodom and a bit Destruction. That they cover the Kreator song "Pleasure to Kill" isn't a coincidence, not only does it stick with their music, but also because the guy on drums in this band listens to the name Jerome Reil.... ehmmmm..... Reil,.... isn't Kreators drummer Ventor real name Jürgen Reil... Indeed and this is his son and ..... pitch sticks. For this occasion he also plays the lead guitar on the track.

That these youngsters also listen to some modern death metal can be heard every now and then on this album also. In general they serve old school thrash and I can't say I'm overwhelmed by the songs or the skills, but there isn't anything to bitch about either.

For this Final Depravity thrash might just be beginning, but for me it started somewhere in the eighties and that's why I can't give them more points than I do.

01. Thrash is Just Beginning
02. Tale of Woe
03. The Prediction
04. Dementia
05. Gates to Nothingness
06. Garden Hate
07. Vengeance
08. Create Havoc
09. Requiescat In Space (R.I.P.)
10. Pleasure to Kill
Label: Nihilistic Empire Records
Distribution: Nihilistic Empire Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 15 December, 2013
Website: www.finaldepravity.com