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Fergie Frederiksen
Any Given Moment
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 23 August , 2013
Playing time: 61:10

Dennis “Fergie” Frederiksen is mostly known for being the former vocalist of Toto (on the “Isolation” album, released in 1984), he has been involved in a lot of other outstanding musical projects too. Trillion, LeRoux, Frederiksen/Philips, Mecca, Frederiksen/Denander and David London (solo album, under pseudonym) are simply a few worth mentioning. In 1999 he debuted as a solo artist with “Equilibrium”, an album which garnered great reviews in Europe and Japan and since then he has been offering quality Melodic Rock music to his legion of fans.

Fergie’s family emigrated from Denmark to the states more than 100 years ago and there is the connection to the Nordic name. He was struggling with his sickness, Hepatitis C and got a successful treatment in 2005, but when he was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2010 his future looked quite dark once more. But with good medication and positive friends, he fought through the bad times and he's really using all his time to what he does best. Sing and record great songs and release awesome albums.

The nice album 'Happiness Is the Road' from 2011 gave Fergie new trust in himself and I gave it the score 85/100. This new album named 'Any Given Moment' is loaded with his friends and excellent studio musicians. The west-coast rock/AOR influences are overwhelming and the high quality and groovy melodic rock rhythm is the red line thought the album.

It kicks off with a stunning track 'Last Battle of My War' with magic instrumental roller-coasters and a healthy, strong voice from Fergie. Great ballads like ‘I’ll Be the One’ are very sensitive and personal. The fine duet with the Norwegian female vocalist Issa Oversveen on 'Not Alone' is probably one of the best blends of voices I've heard in a long time. Their vocal mix was chosen with a gentle hand. Absolutely perfect. Their version of Toto's 'Angel's Don't Cry' from "Isolation" is an upgrade in all terms, just brilliant. Fergie sings even better on this album and his voice has grown like an expensive bottle of fine wine, he just gets better with time...

The Italian rock genius Alessandro Del Vecchio is the man behind the production and 'Any Given Moment' has a clear and flawless sound! This album has so many gems and highlights to put on the podium it could take me weeks to sort them out, so my overall tip is: BUY this album!

If you like melodic hard rock with world-class musicians and lovely melodies packed in a superb production; I don't see any logical reason for you to hesitate.

Line up:
Fergie Frederiksen – lead vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio – keyboards, background vocals
Nik Mazzucconi – bass, fretless bass
Herman Furin – drums
Robert Sall, Bruce Gaitsch, Walter Caliaro, Peter Friestedt, Alessio Berlaffa, Sven Larsson, David Coyle – Lead and rhythm guitars
Roberto Tiranti – background vocals
Issa – duet vocals on “Not Alone”.
Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio

01. Last Battle Of My War
Let Go
Price For Loving You
I'll Be The One
Time Will Change
How Many Roads
Candles In The Dark
Any Given Moment
Not Alone
When The Battle Is Over
Angel Don't Cry
Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 88/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 9 August, 2013
Website: www.fergiefrederiksen.com