Power of Metal.dk Review

Dedicated to the Flesh
Style: Death Metal
Release date: 28 June, 2013
Playing time: 50:00

There are a number of constants on the global death metal scene. Swedish Facebreaker have been one of those for over a decade now with a fairly consistant flow of high quality, old school death metal. As you might well know, the influences have been Massacre, Bolt-Thrower and Grave to name a few all along, and this certainly hasn't changed with 'Dedicated to the Flesh'. Facebreaker still take great elements from the death metal elite and turn it into their own, brutal, waltzing carnage.

It's not as if Facebreaker score high on the originality factor, but when the output standard is as high as it is, then who gives a flying fuck, really?

Tip is the week: The bonus track from the limited edition CD version, Tomb of the Hungry Dead. What a killer!

01. Meat Freak
02. Dedicated to the Flesh
03. Catacomb
04. Zombie Flesh Cult
05. Mutilator
06. Nuclear Outbreak
07. Hellmaster
08. Carving for Brains
09. Swarm of Zombies
10. Legions of Doom
11. World Cremation
12. Tomb of the Hungry Dead
Label: Cyclone Empire
Promotion: Sure Shot Worx
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 4 July, 2013
Website: www.facebreaker.com