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Unleashing The Shadows
Style: Melodic Heavy Metal
Release date: 14 October, 2013
Playing time: 42:24

With band members from United States and Argentina Electro_Nomicon is a new and exciting acquaintance for me. Their sound is influenced by metal bands such as: Dio, Masterplan, Jorn, Rainbow and Black Sabbath.

The vocalist Diego Valdez sings very similar to the great Ronnie James Dio and the screaming guitars are very powerful. This is their first full-length album and 'Unleashing the Shadows' is a very promising disc for all the fans of the classic melodic metal. I can't stop comparing Electro_Nomicon to my dear countrymen in Astral Doors, because Diego sings almost exactly like Patrik Johansson. The difference between them is that Electro_Nomicon plays more in the power metal genre with higher pace and more advanced guitar playing.

The opening track 'The Art of Destruction' is a groovy and shattering song with very tasty guitars and with a very heavy rhythm section. 'I Believe' is a half progressive and half melodic metal song with a smoking guitar solo, which shakes my spine. The six minutes long song 'Waiting' is a Dio heavy track with lead heaviness and at the same time with very melodic harmonies.

'Do You Remember' is a classic metal song with nice vocal parts. I love the hard rocking track 'Take Me' a lot and the well balanced keyboards contribute to an epic and unique sound, I love this little metal gem. The next track is a "eyebrow raiser"; 'Dark Flight'. A magnificent instrumental track with awesome guitar playing and it is probably the song I'll keep longest in my Ipod. A given air-guitar song at my next men's dinner party.

In 'You Are In Shadows' the heavy straight forward rock 'n' roll is back again, but the tempo is down a bit and they show great instrumental craftsmanship in this tune. 'New Beginning Day' is a nice track with same glow and energy like in the earlier songs, but without any extras. I waited for a ballad and 'Far Away' fulfills my expectations. A classic power ballad with same high vocal standard and a shining solo from Juan José.

The closing track 'Pieces of Dream' is one of the strongest songs on 'Unleashing the Shadows'. With a great mix of melodic metal and heavy hard hitting metal this is a killer album that I have to recommend to most of our reader.

A given purchase!!

Diego Valdes - Vocals
Juan José Fornés - Guitars, Bass
Owen Bryant - Drums

01. The Art of Destruction
I Believe
Do You Remember
Take Me
Dark Flight
You Are in Shadows
New Beginning Day
Far Away
10. Pieces of a Dream
Label: No Remorse Records
Distribution: Brooke-Lynn PR
Artwork rating: 82/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 25 September, 2013
Website: www.reverbnation.com/electronomicon