Power of Metal.dk Review

Lure of Ephemeral Beauty
Style: Post Black Metal
Release date: 8 November, 2012
Playing time: 58:26

ECLECTIKA is a project of Sebastien Regnier (v. all instruments), who experiments in the field of post-black metal. On the basis of the inspiration of Norwegian black metal and particularly of EMPEROR the Frenchmen develop their music with affinity to its classic forms and to art-rock. Releasing their albums two years ago they made progress. 

The Scandinavian patterns of post-black are rather diluted with experiments and influences coming from the club culture. But happily this does not refer to the music of ECLECTIKA. The band had always used high female vocals but their new vocalist - Noemie Sirandre works with classic operatic approaches which stand on a higher level. The aggression of the male vocals is well-controlled and has a more cultivated sound. One repeating keyboards harmony passes thru the three albums of the band. The black metal guitars are situated between the classic aggression and the epos of BATHORY. 

Besides the vocal effects the sound as a whole has its growth in the new album of the trio. The cosmic imagery typical for the most of the post bands had no influence on the music in a direction which the trans-artists call psychedelicHere the complex sound had taken more from the sludge manner. The cosmic entracte in the album is Trauma 835”. It starts with an introduction in Russian language with catastrophic message and  continues as with catastrophic noise. 

The song before the last one is the most obsessed by sludge metal. The keyboard parts follow more classic models. In such a way the final 10  minutes long composition is mostly keyboard art-rock doom metal odyssey that reminds of PINK FLOYD and COUNT RAVEN at the same time.  

Lure of Ephemeral Beauty does not catch the attention by first listen. Although this, most of its features touch the exceptionality. Its aristocratic unostentatious music hides its rich contents. This album is made for the metal fans, who can find pleasure in the experiments.

01. Through the Supernova Remnant
02. Lure of Ephemeral Beauty

03. Cyclic Anagnorisis

04. Room Ninteen

05. Sophist's Death: Legacy and Bitter Tears

06. Trauma 835

07. Sweet Melancholia

08. Les Sept Vertus Capitales

09. Handicapped Sex in a Mental Orgy

10. Aokigahara
Label: Asylum Ruins Records
Distribution: Asylum Ruins Records
Reviewed by: Maria D.S.
Date: 27 March, 2013
Website: www.eclectika.fr