Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Melodic Tech-Death Metal
Release date: 14 August, 2013
Playing time: 32:57

Dichotomy are a five piece melodic tech-death metal band that was formed nearly three years ago by guitarists Andrew Kealy and Rats in Ireland's ”Celtic Tiger” - the city of Dublin. Clearly these guys have forged a sound that is out of the ordinary as they have quickly made their mark playing in the underground scene of their home turf. Naturally they are upholding the same force that has always driven them and recently they've independently released ”Paradigm” in hopes of setting foot in other territories.
There's no denying that Dichotomy are highly influenced by bands such as Death, Gojira, Necrophagist and Opeth, but their true intentions are not instantly revealed in their opening ”Empyrean”, as it is but a simple acoustic piece. I can only describe the experience as similar to when I listened to Cryptopsy's ”Once was not” for the first time - unexpected. Not seeing that as deterrent, I listened through. I was impressed by their ability to easily infuse slow and softer melodies, even sustain the flow of full blistering death metal punches of the thick sounding guitars to a soaring point that is uncanny to stylings of Opeth. The drums do not come short either. They grab you; not only in its fair share of complexity but on how it is performed – fast paced stomps in a way that is not overdone. I was also relieved to find that the pinch harmonics on guitars were deduced to a denumerable amount in two of the tracks. You know that annoying, eerie, squeaky, note that is repeatedly stroked by some slam-death guitarist as if the only fancy trick they've learned in their years of guitar-wanking? Yeah, that one. And what's with the breakdown in ” ...Of Strife of Discord”? I was not at all a fan of that transition despite it being such a tiny portion - I suppose it is forgivable. The vocals can deliver, too. Kevin O'Connor  is immense with his high squeals and savage with his low growls that the depth and variety is practically heard in every song. A good mix of layers.
Seeing this band one day might prove interesting as their overall musicianship is obvious. They've somewhat caught the technicality of Suicmez, definitely. I hope they'll be fun to watch as a live act because in my experience technical death metal bands tend to be a lot less entertaining when seen live, often appearing robotic and dull, effectively reducing them to what I call ”studio bands”.
The death metal aspect in ”Paradigms” is largely acknowledged; advanced and exploited in different ways that it becomes so much more. I believe it's a praiseworthy album. Right on, Ireland!

01. Empyrean (01:04)
02. The Sentient Oppressed (04:00)
03. All - Seeing Eye (05:26)
04. Polarity (03:56)
05. No Catharsis (04:59)
06. Covenant of the Forsworn (03:55)
07. Alea Iacta Est (04:27)
08. ...of Strife of Discord (05:10)
Label: Independent
Distribution: Buy the album
Artwork rating: 56/100
Reviewed by: Haydee G.
Date: 21 September, 2013
Website: Dichotomy @ Facebook