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Diamond Dawn
Style: Melodic Rock
Release date: 22 February, 2013
Playing time: 49:55

Frontiers Records are sovereign in having a sense of what is melodic, catchy, and which new bands that have the special sound that makes you get stuck after one spin. OK, not all their releases are stunning productions, but in this current case, they have discovered a gold nugget that can develop into something extraordinary. Diamond Dawn is a brand new, young and fresh band from Gothenburg, Sweden, which began in 2011 and they sent their demo 'Standing As One' to several record labels and Frontiers Records was quick to get their signature on the contract. Diamond Dawn has made eleven tracks in the true and genuine Scandinavian melodic hard rock's best foundry moulds.

They play a very melodic, positive and joyful rock with strong vocals efforts from Alexander Strandell. 'Overdrive' starts with three incredibly strong tracks and best song is of course their pre-released single and hit track 'Take Me Higher' which can be taken directly out of the manual of melodic rock or AOR. Then follows some more anonymous songs that could use a little more hair on the chest. It is not until 'Indestructible', it picks up again and the tempo increases a notch and the fresh energy flowing through the choruses again. Just as 'Turn it up' which is a crisp and dashing melody that will be a nice live track, where the audience will hang in from the beginning. The affectionate and harmonious 'The Hunter' is a pure demonstration from Alexander on vocals, and the guitars are given even more elbow room than before. It's fantastic that there are new, hungry, young musicians, who can give this sometimes aged rock genre new strength and energy.

'Give It All' is also a song in the middle of the road with some nice guitar loops. The calm and nice 'Don't Walk Away' is a nice change of pace from the other songs on the album. This album shows many skills, which will impact the rest of the melodic rock community.

From completely unknown musicians and maybe to be the next Swedish export following 'H.E.A.T.', which has ploughed the field and made a new young generation discover the catchy melodic rock again.

Diamond Dawn Line-up: 
Alexander Strandell - Vocals
Jhonny Göransson - Guitars
Olle Lindahl - Guitars
Mikael Planefeldt - Bass
Niklas Arkbro - Keyboard
Efraim Larsson - Drums

01. Into Overdrive
Take Me Higher
Standing As One
California Rush
Turn It Up
The Hunter
Give It All
Don't Walk Away
Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 10 February, 2013
Website: www.facebook.com/DiamondDawnOfficial Info - W E T - Rise Up