Power of Metal.dk Review

The Invasion
Style: Thrash (Death) Metal
Release date: 2013
Playing time: 22:03

Many people think that metal, this is something which only happens in Europe, North and South America: they could not be more wrong. Metal is getting bigger and stronger everywhere, and there is a new, but real explosion in India. Devoid won the Wacken Metal Battle for their country and played an impressive show during the German festival few weeks ago.

A God's Lie was their first very promising effort, where a 2010's thrash met the 80's Bay Area, with angry growls and a slice of death metal. The kind of refreshment I proudly enjoy in my car, with opened windows. My little devil's voice: "An answer to some new drivers and their hip-f***g-hop". My little angel's voice: "Oh, Philippe! There is no accounting for tastes...".

The four head bangers from Mumbai are back with an EP. After an acoustic Prelude, ethereal and epic, they have suddenly jumped a decade from A God's Lie to The Invasion, with a 90s compact and strong sound ŕ la Pantera, which goes perfect with the compositions, carved with a scalpel.

I must say I have a real admiration for Arun Iyer, as for Vasvári Gyula from Neokhrome, who takes care of the vocals, the guitars with Sanjeev Aguiar, and the whole production process with the same talent. Last but not the least, Shubham Kumar (drums) and Abhishek Kamdar (bass) build a mighty rhythm pillar.

These songs are not bringing something new in the metal pantheon, but they are more than fulfilling their two missions: giving your ears the nice and aggressive compositions they need, without forgetting the melodies they also approve, and introducing perfectly a new album, which will hopefully come soon.

1. Prelude
2. The Invasion
3. Pandemonium Is Now
4. Brahma Weapon
5. The Grand Design
Label: Independent
Distribution: Nope
Reviewed by: Philippe Leconte
Date: 30 August, 2013
Website: Devoid @facebook