Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Futuristic Rock
Release date: 8 April, 2013
Playing time: 40:26

Device is the new side project involving David Draiman, vocalist in Disturbed and Geno Lenardo (Ex-Filter) featuring some very notable guests: Geezer Butler, Glenn Hughes, Lzzy Hale, M. Shadows, Serj Tankian and Tom Morello.

Device's self-titled debut album started off when Lenardo reached out to Draiman for the collaboration on a song for the Underworld: Awakening soundtrack in late 2011. The result was "Hunted", a song that actually never made onto the soundtrack, but the foundation for a full blown project had been laid. They stated writing songs and the outcome is a dark and electronic take on modern rock.

The music sounds like nothing we normally feature here on these pages; the electronic palette pushes the sound into more industrial territory. And it's not an album, the metal heads amongst us just takes in like the morning coffee. Fresh out of the box, I though this sounded too clinical and cold, but the songs have slowly crawled under my skin and I now think of it as a welcome cold and clinical breather from all the normal music I am listening to.

While Disturbed is on hiatus, I find it refreshing that David Draiman has taken the time to push his musical boundaries and do something that really has very little in common with his normal "day job". Whether or not the Disturbed fans will embrace this new project has yet to be seen, I for one like it a lot...

01. You Think You Know
02. Penance
03. Vilify
04. Close My Eyes Forever
05. Out of Line
06. Hunted
07. Opinion
08. War of Lies
09. Haze
10. Through It All
Label: Warner Bros. Records
Distribution: Warner Music (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 21 April, 2013
Website: deviceband.com