Power of Metal.dk Review

My Lonely Hell (EP)
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 2013
Playing time: 29:39

I don't know where to begin on this EP. Decembria is a band with a cool name, but not much else. The band hails from Athens, Greece; and considers themselves progressive metal, though I would beg to differ. Not only has this EP failed to catch my interest, it has actually sunk past that neutral zone of “okay” music to become one of the worst things I've heard this year. I don't want to be mean here, but this music needs much work.

For starters, the vocalist (if you can call him that) needs lessons or practice or just something. I don't think he actually sings a note on this whole album, as I felt he was yelling at me the entire time. Yes, I felt like he was yelling, not screaming or growling or anything else that is at least semi-acceptable. His yells are void of melody or any semblance of tune.

Now, normally I would point out which songs I disliked, but I'll make it easy: All of them are terrible. There is no tune, no exceptional instrumentation, no interesting parts, and no reason to listen to this anymore than you must. The guitarist is okay at what he does, but doesn't do anything I haven't heard in a million other bands. Honestly, I thought I was in for a treat when the opening track started with some interesting high-tuned guitar, but then the track simply devolved into meaningless riffing and the singers baritone whining. Sigh.

Do yourself a favor, and avoid this EP. This “progressive” band displays exactly zero progressive metal characteristics, and I can't help but want to cry whenever I hear the singer. I guess this band thinks that putting a mellow, ambient section in the middle of a song makes them progressive. Go figure.

1. My Lonely Hell
2. Anthem for the Defeated
3. Flower for the Dead
4. This Bitter Farewell


Label: Independent
Distribution: Independent
Artwork rating: 30/100
Reviewed by: Jason Spencer
Date: 29 July, 2013
Website: Decembria @ Facebook