Power of Metal.dk Review

Damnation Hammer
Disciples of the Hex
Style: Up-tempo Doom
Release date: 14 February, 2013
Playing time: 40:38

I know it is a contrast, up-tempo doom, but that is what you can expect here. Damnations Hammer was formed as a homage to the avant-garde metal of the 1980's by guitarist/vocalist Tim Preston. They combine influences of Celtic Frost with Candlemass.

The guitars have a kind of black metal crunch in them and that makes this album interesting. The riffs are rather repetitive and the drums and bass rather simple. Nevertheless it works for me, but I had to get used to Tim Preston's singing style. It is a little bit spoken kind of style, not very regular for a doom band, no opera kind of singing or grunts. After a while the songs can get a little boring, because of the riffs and the same tempo, but some faster parts like in "Impaled on the Horns of Betrayal" keep me triggered.

The album is a mix of Candlemass and Celtic Frost indeed and their weakness of repetition is also the bands strength. The repeating riffs work addictive on me, you decide if it is something for you too?

01. Defiance & Retribution
02. Thorns of Fire
03. Disciples of the Hex
04. Serpent's Wrath
05. Impaled on the Horns of Betrayal
06. Harbringer of Darkness
07. The Hex II
08. Gates of the Necronomicon
Label: I Hate Records
Distribution: info@ihaterecords
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 30 March, 2013
Website: www.myspace.com/damnationshammer