Power of Metal.dk Review

Crystal Palace
The System of Events
Style: Progressive Rock
Release date: 4 October, 2013
Playing time: 70:10

I wasn't sure what to expect from a band called Crystal Palace. I mean, it seems like I'll be hearing about fairies or grommets or something. Yet, this band has a great sound, and---not a goblin in sight. I was actually a little disappointed: I love some good fantasy music.

My first impression of Crystal Palace was very good, as they slightly remind me of the Polish band Votum. What this means is that these Germans have a darker, more melodic sound that is somewhere between neo-prog and prog metal. There is lots of grooving bass, but also plenty of lighter riffs, atmospheric keys, and accent-laden vocals. Yes, the riffing almost seems nervous, and this adds to the overall feelings of tension, emotion, and sorrow.

As for the tracks themselves, the mood is usually somber, but the tempo changes. We get heavier, groovy tracks like "Breathe", "Sleepless", or "As Heaven Dies", but we also get slow, thoughtful tracks like "Stunned by the Silence" or "Green Way". The title track itself is a proggy ode to the ideas presented, and a really great closer that grows on you quite a bit.

"The System of Events" is an excellent title for this album. The lyrics cover the idea of coming to terms with life, and even taking hold of it. It covers many different topics, from school shootings to longings for better days. Indeed, "Stunned by the Silence" is about a cowardly school shooting, and it is rank with emotion and breathless thoughts. It is truly a track that requires silence. I don't wholly agree with the philosophy presented in this album, but I do agree that coming to terms with the system of events is better for us all.

With a great sound and concept, "The System of Events" is an excellent album that seeks to draw us into its message through emotional highs and lows. Thoughtful and introspective, Crystal Palace has crafted a great sounding album that fans of Riverside, Anathema, Votum, etc. will enjoy very much.

1. Chasing Better Days
2. As Heaven Dies
3. Beautiful Nightmare
4. Green Way
5. Sleepless
6. Stunned by the Silence
7. Breathe
8. The System of Events
Label: Gentle Art of Music
Distribution: Soulfood Music
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Jason Spencer
Date: 3 October, 2013
Website: Crystal Palace @ Facebook