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Hard To Get (EP)
Style: Hard Rock / AOR
Release date: 14 March, 2013
Playing time: 15:59

Enchanting and adorable AOR in top class. Only three tracks are released, but in the opening song and title track 'Hard to Get' there is something that could fit on any of Def Leppard album. This song is a kick-ass track that has big dozes of the 80's hard rocking sound and it really tickles my curiosity about Cruzh. Great vocal arrangements with catchy guitars in a song that also from a production standpoint sounds surprisingly professional. Very melodic and rhythmic hard rock with a vocalist, who has the right tone in the throat. There has apparently been little quirk, quirk about who the members in Cruzh are and secretiveness surrounding this release has created a small bullish about 'Hard to Get'.

I don't usually have the time to give an independent band any bigger attention, but this time I couldn't resist to pick this EP up.

I keep 'Stay' as a major top track of these three song. It's a world class song with hit standard. IF they can create a whole album with songs in this caliber, I do have a new favorite band in this soft and melodic rock genre. That's a fact. The stunning ballad 'In a Blink of an Eye' is the closing song and Gosh, what is a brilliant song!

This is something ALL fans of TOTO, Def Leppard, FM, Asia, Journey, Bryan Adams or Warrant have to discover. It's not often I have been so impressed by a band releasing only three tracks.

I demand that this project finally lands in a full length album that gets full backing of an international company. Escape or Frontiers Records? Wake up, here you can make a real bargain! My thumbs are up!
Lead vocals and keyboards - Tony Andersson
Guitars and vocals - Anton Joensson
Bass and vocals - Dennis Butabi Borg

01. Hard to Get
In a Blink of an Eye


Label: Independent
Distribution: www.facebook.com/pages/Cruzh-Official
Artwork rating: 73/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 16 September, 2013
Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Cruzh-Official