Power of Metal.dk Review

Evil Prevails
Style: Death Metal
Release date: 1 November, 2013
Playing time: 36:53

This Finnish cult death metal band has already recorded two albums in the early nineties. They started playing live gigs again and decided to give birth to their third album. Songs based on old school Scandinavian riffs and varied by some acoustic parts. The riffs you hear lack originality for the biggest part and that doesn't make this album a real must have.

Rami Jämsä growls and grunts like he never stopped and variety can be heard due to the fact that the band uses doom influences in several songs. In "God is Delusion" they even sound a bit like early Paradise Lost. The music is a combination of Grave with Gorement, but then in Convulse style. Most interesting for me are the songs with the chainsaw riffs and not the super fast parts. In "World Downfall" and "Evil Prevails" there are riffs I can really appreciate, but in most of the songs they are too common. Another point is the production, it sounds authentic and old school, but it could have been better. Compared to what the band played on their first two albums there has been not enough progress in my humble opinion.

All in all this isn't an album that will  be in my top 100 this year, but somewhere just above middle. 

01. We Kill Our Kind
02. Unholy War
03. World Downfall
04. God is Delusion
05. Evil Prevails
06. Days Are Dark
07. Reborn in Chaos
08. Oceans of Dust
Label: Svart Records
Distribution: Svart Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 25 October, 2013
Website: www.facebook.com/convulse