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Chronos Zero
A Prelude Into Emptiness - The Tears Path: Chapter Alpha
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 15 November, 2013
Playing time: 63:00

Gianbattista "Jan" Manenti (vocals), Enrico Zavatti (Guitars, keyboards), Federico Dapporto (Bass), Giuseppi Rinaldi (keyboards), Davide Gennari (drums) and Claudia Saponi (guest vocals) form this Chronos Zero. Looking at the names, you will not be surprised that this band hails from Italy.

We know quite a few power metal bands from Italy, but not so many progressive metal bands. This must change with this debut album of Chronos Zero. I have been listening to it from start to finish quite a few times and still I want to push the repeat button. Their music is a perfect blend of Symphony X, Kamelot, Nevermore, Dream Theater, Pagan's Mind, Meshuggah and Adagio, but with a mind of its own. After the overwhelming instrumental "Spires" the second song "Breath of Chaos" takes you by the balls with its reigning down tuned bass-lines. After that you will fancy yourself in a roller coaster taking you from one musical ejaculation into another.

Crunchy riffs, female singing, nice keyboards, piano interludes, symphonic pieces, neo-classical influences, jazzy parts, film-like atmospheres, melody, ethnic sounds and this all packed in aggressive songs. Although I have to admit that the songs near the end are softer and have more female singing parts. Singer Gianbattista might not score 10 out of 10, but he has the perfect sound for a band like this. Aggressive when it's needed and clean when asked for. Sometimes you hear a grunting/screaming voice, but for those who hate that I assure you that it will not really hinder you. It speaks for itself that all the musicians have to be very well skilled to make this an interesting album. I'm sure the lyrics form a kind of concept, but I didn't take the time investigating that.

My advice for all who loves progressive metal: Check this band out!!!

01. Spires
02. Breath of Chaos
03. Shadow's Lair
04. Lost Hope, New Hope Pt. 1
05. Lost Hope, New Hope Pt.1
06. The Creation
07. Sigh of Damnation
08. Hearts Into Darkness
09. At the Gates of Time (Hollowland's Prelude)
10. Sorrowful Fate (The Composer's Night Pt. III & IV)
Label: Bakerteam Records
Distribution: Bakerteam Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 16 November, 2013
Website: www.bakerteamrecords.com