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Chasing Violets
Jade Hearts
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 14 June, 2013
Playing time: 63:35

The two beautiful sisters Sarah and Mélissa Fontaine from France are the lead vocalists in the interesting project Chasing Violets. The album is written and produced by Frédéric Slama from the band AOR and together with an impressive list of musicians makes this a exiting album to listen to. The Fontaine sisters aren’t the best female vocalists I've heard and they are not the reason why I like this album.

Every time Tommy Denander handles the guitars on an album, I have high expectations. And with strong vocal support from the two male vocalists, Göran Edman and Mikael Erlandsson, this sounds like a thrilling album.

Frédéric Slama has written all twelve songs and produced the album. Very nice blend of vocalists, musicians, mixed with magnificent melodic rock songs, I find this quite enjoyable.

If you like Heart, Survivor, Journey and such bands, you will also like this bag of ear candy. Like you can see in the list of involved musicians, who have contributed on 'Jaded Hearst' you find many big names from the melodic rock genre.

Sarah and Melissa sings duet on every track and I don't know which one of them that has the stronger and better voice. One of them stays in the mid lane of the vocal road and doesn't have the ability to handle the higher tones. Hard to say, but maybe with one strong female vocalist instead of two so-so singers, I could give a much higher score. It's the weakest link in the chain. On some tracks the vocals are horrible, like on 'The Scarlet Nymph'!!

Everything else on the disc is just brilliant musical craftsmanship.

Overall is this a nice album in the middle range, not anything magical or so. Just a good hard rock album.

Sarah Fontaine: Lead & Backing Vocals
Mélissa Fontaine: Lead & Backing Vocals
Frédéric Slama: Guitars & Keyboards
Tommy Denander: All Instruments
Paul Sabu: All Instruments
Göran Edman: Lead & Backing Vocals
Mikael Erlandsson: Lead & Backing Vocals
Bob Harris: Lead & Backing Vocals
Rick Riso: Lead & Backing Vocals
Christian Tolle: Guitars & Bass
David Mark Pearce: Guitars
Linkan Andersson: Guitars
Stefano Lionetti: Guitars
Mario Percudani: Guitars
Carmine Martone: Guitars
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Keyboards & Drums
Eric Ragno: Keyboards
Colin Rodgers: Keyboards
Ken Sandin: Bass
Anna Portalupi: Bass
Sacha Spiegel: Drums
Pat Thern: Drums

01. The Main Attraction
Web Of Lies
A Shot In The Dark
Silent Victory
Deception In Heaven.mcf
Jade Hearts
Secrets In The Shadows
Hollow Triumph
Exile In Sadness
The Scarlet Nymph
11. Halo Of Light
12. I Owe It To Myself
Label: AOR Records
Distribution: Cargo Records
Artwork rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 4 June, 2013
Website: www.chasingviolets.fr Info - W E T - Rise Up