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Black Veil Brides
Wretched and Divine (The Story of the Wild Ones)
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 7 January, 2013
Playing time: 51:14

Black Veil Brides have been viewed by many as a record company gimmick; a band put together with the sole purpose to target the ever-growing screamo scene in the US. The image and their appearance have been more important than their music... I won't get into the discussion and have no idea whether or not they are an "actual" band, all I know is that their previous albums had their moments, but felt and looked somewhat forced.

I think you can compare them to another band that early on were more about image and live presence than the music: W.A.S.P. By many considered as a huge gimmick until their magnum opus "The Crimson Idol" hit the metal community like a ton of bricks. That concept album made W.A.S.P. and is still a milestone in metal even today.

Only time will tell if the same happens to Black Veil Brides, but they surely have the album to back their ambitions; "Wretched and Divine (The Story of the Wild Ones)" is a concept album about a group of rebels fighting the oppressors F.E.A.R. They have not taken the easy route; the concept does also include a visual side, which can be seen in the "Legion of the Black" film.

And just like a good screen play we have strong beginning, an interesting middle part and an outstanding finish; the two ending songs: "Lost it All" and "In the End" are two of the best hard rock songs I've heard in this millennium. But fear not; the rest is heads and shoulders above anything the screamo scene has ever produced, and I wouldn't even call their style screamo any longer either; this is hard rock in it's true essence.

Black Veil Brides have in my humble opinion catapulted themselves out the dark shadows that clouded their chances to be taken serious, in Europe anyway, and have created one of the best and most complete hard rock albums I've come across in a very long time. From the well written material, which even has quite a few progressive undertones, delivered at a high technical level and all wrapped in a well balanced and clear production, you will certainly has an album that has the potential to lift Black Veil Brides into stardom.

Surprise of the year!

01. Exordium (0:25)
02. I Am Bulletproof (3:34)
03. New Year's Day (3:24)
04. F.E.A.R. Transmission 1: Stay Close (0:35)
05. Wretched and Divine (3:37)
06. We Don't Belong (3:36)
07. F.E.A.R. Transmission 2: Trust (0:20)
08. Devil's Choir (2:57)
09. Resurrect the Sun (4:34)
10. Overture (1:37)
11. Shadows Die (5:25)
12. Abeyance (0:14)
13. Days Are Numbered (3:40)
14. Done for You (2:33)
15. Nobody's Hero (3:35)
16. Lost It All (5:20)
17. F.E.A.R. Transmission 3: As War Fades (0:58)
18. In the End (3:48)
19. F.E.A.R. Final Transmission (0:54)
Label: Lava Records
Distribution: Universal Republic Records
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 17 March, 2013
Website: www.officialbvb.com