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Burning Rain
Pleasure to Burn
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 17 May, 2013
Playing time: 60:17

This album is a reissue of the band’s second album, originally released in 2000, which receives a brand new and a complete remastering and adds two bonus tracks. Doug's musical history in bands such as Lion, House of Lords and Bad Moon Rising has given him a solid base of experience.

It's time to lift these two great discs out from the archives. I'm grateful to Frontiers that they have the guts to put their money and energy on these re-releases. No wonder that Ronnie James Dio picked him to DIO in 2001, just after the release of this album. Ronnie James Dio had his eyes on the talented guitarist and Doug joined DIO on the album 'Killing the Dragon' in 2002.

2003 he left to be a member of Whitesnake and the rest is history. Coverdale's choice of co-pilot in the band couldn't have been healthier. It's Doug's vitality and blistering guitar works that has pushed forward the groovy heritage in the band.

Anyhow, Aldrige, Keith St. John and the rest of the crew did a follow-up and this is another hidden gem to discover! Doug and Keith sign a contract with Frontiers Records in 2004 when Doug had already had joined Whitesnake to do a third Burning Rain album. 'Pleasure to Burn' could been the last disc from this band.

I believe that 'Pleasure to Burn' is not as dazzling and epic as the highly anticipated debut album. The album contains very, very cool guitar riffs and charming melodious harmonies, but it's not as bluesy and energetic as the debut album. It's not as well written or groovy as the previous one. It feels like they had to rush to get this album out on the market. Doug's evocative and atmospheric guitar sound together with Keith's emotional vocals rescue the album, so it ends up with an strong OK score. There is a bunch of absolute top tracks on the album, but in comparison with 'Burning Rain' and the new 'Epic Obsession' this is the weakest album in my opinion. Still, my overall rating, is in the higher levels.

This is a disc that sweeps the floor with most of the competitors in the hard rock genre.

Fans of Deep Purple will find this one very tasteful.

01. Fireball
Love Emotion
Stone Cold 'n Crazy
Cherie Don't Break My Heart
Shot Down
Love De Jour
Faithfully Yours
Sex Machine
Metal Superman
Judgement Day
11. Devil Money
12. Live For That Rush (Unreleased Demo)
13. Cherie Don't Break My Heart (Acoustic)
Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 74/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 13 May, 2013
Website: www.burningrain.net Info - W E T - Rise Up