Power of Metal.dk Review

Bourbon Boys
Shotguns, Trucks & Cattle
Style: Cowpunk/Hard Rock
Release date: 23 January, 2013
Playing time: 39:13

The Nordic industrial rock heroes in Raubtier have another side in their life and this sounds completely different. Extremely different I must say. Pär Hulkhoff is the front man in Bourbon Boys and as well as the vocalist in Raubtier.

The language on Raubtier's albums is 100% Swedish and on this disc it's all in English. The music on 'Shotguns, Trucks & Cattle' is something like country music in a hard rock 'n' roll style and with alcohol themes in the lyrics. Hulkhoff's dark harsh and hoarse voice is perfect for this American country rock style. Personally this isn't something I regularly listen to, but I love their wild and crazy attitude to life, something that is different in today's society.

They live as they learn and do not spit into the glass if they are served alcohol. 'Shotguns, Trucks & Cattle' is a odd disc on our metal site, but if you are interested in American inspired rock music with rockabilly elements, this is definitely something for you. I think this works best in a narrow, smoky rock pub with a lot of drunk hillbillies. I will keep some of the tracks in my save folder and they are 'Hillbilly Heart', 'Rock 'n' Rollin Man' and the nice song 'Drinkin My Woman Away'. Check 'em out on Spotify!

I will recommend this album to my neighbor, who is a greaser and drives old American cars in the summer time. They will - probably - like this album a lot more than I do.

01. Beast Of Bourbon
Hillbilly Heart
Pour Some Bourbon On Me
Bowhunting Song
Cormorant Blues
Country Highway
Rock 'n' Rollin Man
Moonshine Boulevard
Drinkin My Woman Away
12. Road 99
13. Bonus: Rock 'n' Roll, Woman and Booze
Label: Despopz Records
Distribution: Playground Music (Scandinavia)
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 12 January, 2013
Website: www.bourbonboysofficial.com