Power of Metal.dk Review

Born of Osiris
Tomorrow We Die Alive
Style: Technical Industrial melodic deathcore
Release date: 19 august, 2013
Playing time: 43:00

Bands always want the next album to be better and more successful then the predecessor. I'm sure Born of Osiris wanted to beat their 2011 album 'The Discovery' with lengths also, but in my opinion they did not succeed. It is not easy to describe the music of this band, but progressive music with hunting keyboards, melodic death influences, industrial rhythms and a big portion of melody will give you an idea.

Opener "Machine" could have been one of the tracks on their 2011 album and is a good track, but there is nothing new. Aggressive singing, catchy keyboards, progressive parts and edgy guitars; it is all there. The clean singing combined with aggressive vocals make me think of Soilwork at times. There are lots of industrial parts on the album and you have to be a fan of that if you want to like this band. Technically there is nothing to bitch about, but there is not a song that really keeps sticks in my mind.

The mix of industrial rhythms, orchestral parts, heavy chugging guitars, catchy keyboard lines, some groove and nice melodies can lead to something very good. This new Born of Osiris album has it all, but for me: something is missing; I just can't get really exited about it. In my opinion 'The Discovery' was a better album, the surprise has gone (a bit), yet I need to advice you to listen to it anyway.

Perhaps you will disagree with me on that part.

01. Machine
03. Mindful
04. Exhilarate
05. Absolution
06. The Origin
07. Aeon III
08. Imaginary Condition
09. Illusionist
10. Source Field
11. Vengeance
Label: Sumerian Records
Distribution: Hold Tight PR
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 31 August, 2013
Website: www.facebook.com/bornofosiris