Power of Metal.dk Review

Bad Religion
True North
Style: Punk
Release date: 18 January, 2013
Playing time: 36:17

The punk veterans from Los Angelis release albums regularly. I doubt that someone expects surprises from them. That’s why when they declared some time ago that their next album will be faster no one paid attention to their statement.

The pioneers of the vocal harmonies in punk gradually contributed to the American variant of the gender not to be lighter and pop-oriented. Then they sunk down in the vortex of their numerous imitators. The pop-rock from their latest albums was a path with no exit.

The juvenile “Fuck you” does not fit for a pilot single of veterans, but is punk. The whole new album indeed is more aggressive and more dynamic. BAD RELIGION did not betray them. In fact they had returned to their roots. At the same time they support high quality of the sound. The little bit epic songs remind for the time of the inexplicable situation of the punk in the new wave.

It seems that this time the album would not be spread for free listening in the Internet. This was a tradition for the band. And indeed this time the crying teenage-girls would not find anything proper for them in the music… But all the fans of BAD RELIGION even the half-disappointed ones will be happy.

01. True North
02. Past is Dead
03. Robin Hood in Reverse
04. Land of Endless Greed
05. Fuck You
06. Dharma and the Bomb
07. Hello Cruel World
08. Vanity
In Their Hearts is Right
10. Crisis Time
11. Dept. of False Hope
12. Nothing To Dismay
13. Popular Consensus
14. My Head is Full of Ghosts
15. The Island
Label: Epitaph Records
Distribution: Playground Music (Scandinavia)
Reviewed by: Maria D.S.
Date: 24 February, 2013
Website: www.badreligion.com