Power of Metal.dk Review

The Mystery of Time
Style: Power Metal
Release date: 29 March, 2013
Playing time: 44:43

A super metal project with new members. Avantasia is really a thrilling adventure. This is the 6th album and my expectations are sky high again. How does it sound this time and which musicians have the mastermind Tobias Sammet invited on this new album 'The Mystery of Time'?

Joe Lynn Turner is guest vocalist on 'Spectres'; a bombastic opening track with a lot of clout. The duet follows in the Purple sounding track 'The Watchmakers Dream' where Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon) and Hammond organ player Ferdy Doernberg (Axel Rudi Pell) are featured.  Biff Byford of Saxon is the guest vocalist on 'Black Orchid' and Bruce Kulick (Kiss) is the guitarist. A very strong and powerful track with significant support of an orchestra. The shiny vocals from 'Michael Kiske' is heard on the quick '‘Where Cold Hands Freeze' and on 'Dweller In A Dream'. On the nice, epic song 'Sleepwalking', the tempo is different and Sammet sings duet with the lovely voice of Cloudy Yang. The over ten minutes long track 'Savior in the Clockwork' is another super track with all the three giants Joe Lynn Turner, Biff Byford and Michael Kiske on vocals. Amazingly strong tune with awesome tempo and a high technical level.

On the heavy track 'Invoke the Machine' does the Danish vocal powerhouse Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids) contribute with his thorn voice. Eric Martin from Mr. Big is Tobias' partner on the heartbreaking track 'What’s Left of Me'. A stunning song with two fantastic singers.

The album ends with another ten minute track; 'The Great Mystery' with Biff, Joe and Bob Catley from Magnum! Mr. Kulick does some amazing guitar licks.

The storyteller Sammet has done it again and he has picked the right people to match his songs and this metal opus is of a very high standard. Several songs have a real orchestra as support and it gives a symphonic and pompous sound to it. 'The Mystery of Time' is an album, which has tracks that fit different moods and after several weeks of listening, I do find new musical parts that gives me new energy and a lot of joy.

If you liked the previous Avantasia albums, I believe you will find this disc worth a purchase...

Line up:
Tobias Sammet – Lead Vocals - Bass
Sascha Paeth – Guitars - Production
Miro – Keyboards
Russell Gilbrook - Drums

Guest guitars:
Bruce Kulick - tracks 3, 6, 10
Oliver Hartmann - tracks 4, 7, 9
Arjen Anthony Lucassen - track 2

Guest vocalists:
Joe Lynn Turner - tracks 1, 2, 6, 10
Michael Kiske - tracks 4, 6, 9
Biff Byford - tracks 3, 6, 10
Ronnie Atkins - on track 7
Eric Martin - track 8
Bob Catley -  track 10
Cloudy Yang - track 5

01. Spectres
The Watchmakers Dream
Black Orchid
Where Clock Hands Freeze
Savior In The Clockwork
Invoke The Machine
Whats Left Of Me
Dweller In A Dream
The Great Mystery
Label: Nuclear Blast
Distribution: Sony Music (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 84/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 16 March, 2013
Website: www.tobiassammet.com