Power of Metal.dk Review

Abnormal Thought Patterns
Manipulation under Anesthesia
Style: Instrumental Progressive Metal
Release date: 17 June, 2013
Playing time: 41:10

I was by chance listening to Liquid Tension Experiment, when I received an e-mail concerning Abnormal Thought Patterns «Manipulation Under Anesthesia». LTE «Kindred Spirits» is the perfect combination between virtuosity and musicality. Cynic «Textures», Dream Theater «Erotomania», Death «Cosmic Sea» or Gordian Knot «Grace» sit also enthroned above instrumental metal and progressive.

Can I by chance find the same moments of infinity through «Manipulation Under Anesthesia»? Many musicians have an impressive technique in the genres I love, sometimes to show how good they are, sometimes to compose wonderful songs. What about Abnormal Thought Patterns?

«Velocity and Acceleration Movement 5» opens the album as a race with devil on Californian highway. This explosive start should not be the tree that hides the forest: «Manipulation Under Anesthesia» is actually multifaceted. From metal eruption to creative fusion jazz, from sweeping at the speed of light to cool atmospheres which reminds me, by chance, Jean-Michel Jarre from the 70's.

Jasun (guitars and keys) and Troy Tipton (bass) can run fast, but the most important, they show a real complementarity, putting together volcanic and quiet parts, responding to each other. I am not forgetting Mike Guy (drums). He has a huge technique, no doubt about it. But he is, above all, musician in a noble sense: he serves the composition, not the opposite; on purpose, not by chance.

What about these moments of infinity? Well, they can be found here and there, according to your own tastes. I have subjectively found one of them on «Quintessence» which closes this excellent «Manipulation Under Anesthesia». If you like the instrumentals I mentioned in the beginning of this review, follow my humble advice: do not miss the chance to listen to this record.

01. Velocity and Acceleration Movement 5
02. Velocity and Acceleration Movement 6
03. Velocity and Acceleration Movement 7
04. Velocity and Acceleration Movement 8
05. Calculating Patterns
06. Harmonic Oscillators
07. 4 String Lullaby
08. Autumn
09. Manipulation Under Anesthesia
10. Electric Sun 2.0
11. Quintessence
Label: Lifeforce Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Philippe Leconte
Date: 6 June, 2013
Website: www.abnormalthoughtpatterns.com