Power of Metal.dk Review

Ancestral Energy
Style: Power Metal
Release date: 10 May, 2013
Playing time: 40:23

Ever since I first heard their debut EP back in 2009, I've had a real soft spot for this American band: Artizan. Their debut full length "Curse of the Artizan" (2011) was another step in the right direction, and with their sophomore album they just continue to build on the solid foundation they've already laid out.

The thing about Artizan is that they are true and genuine to the core; they don't use multi-layers of sounds and effects to create their impressive music. No, this is honest and clean metal done the basic way: bass, drums, guitars and a strong vocalist. No more is needed to create a splendid album if you have capable song writers and skilled musicians in your band.

"Ancestral Energy" is given life by the razor-sharp guitar riffs, brilliant melodic melody lines, the vocal and guitar harmonies, the ultra precise drummer, a bass player pounding away and above everything else; a brilliant vocalist, who has the range to sing it all.

This is pure metal magic; sure the Iron Maiden and Iced Earth influences are notable on occasion, which is actually hard to avoid when you bring in Matthew Barlow (Ex-Iced Earth) as a guest on a song. Do yourself a favor, and give these 40 minutes of metal magic a chance, because this is a first-class metal album!

Strongly recommended!

01. I am the Storm
02. The Raven Queen
03. The Guardian
04. The Death of Me
05. Deep Ocean Dreams
06. You Can't Take the Metal
07. Ancestral Energy
Label: Pure Steel Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 4 May, 2013
Website: www.artizanmetal.com