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Andi Deris and Bad Bankers
Million Dollar Haircuts On Ten Cent Heads
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 22 November 2013
Playing time: 44:45

Andi Deris is a name that stands by itself. Being the lead singer of one of the greatest and most popular heavy metal bands worldwide; Helloween, there is not much too add when it comes to Andi Deris musical achievements. Don't forget his time with the great band Pink Cream 69.

Now, Andi Deris returns with his first solo album since 1999. Not so much a solo effort in its original sense but recorded in a band environment to achieve a real band feeling. 'Million Dollar Haircuts On Ten Cent Heads' is one of the longest album titles I've seen and what a kiss-ass track 'Cock' they throw in my face in the opening minutes of the album. Very modern, grainy and harsh metal in compare to what I had expected. Andi sings like he will go all-in and sounds angrier than ever. It lightens up a bit in the following song and now I recognize his vocals in the 'Blink-182' track and it feels that Andi and his companions walk their own path in the rock n roll world. 'Will We Ever Change' is a progressive, modern rock song with masterful vocal performances. In 'Banker's Delight (Dead Or Alive)' Andi does sound like Rob Zombie or a pissed off Alice Copper. Very aggressive and pretty far from my anticipated expectation. And, guess what.... I like his new approach.

Andi's voice fits quite well with this progressive and aggressive rock/metal. Just listen to 'Blind' and you will not be disappointed by what you get. The big hit song from this album is probably 'Don't Listen to the Radio (TWOTW 1938)'. I get Alice Cooper in my mind when I listen to that one. They seems to like to blend the styles and in the epic song 'Who Am I' the schizophrenic moods starts to awake. My favourite songs are the pompous, mighty and hefty tracks 'Must Be Dreaming' and 'The Last Days of Rain' with magic vocals from Andi. A strong part on the album!

'EnAmoria' is the closest we got to a power ballad and is a healthy break in the tracklist and it's also the the closest we got to a Helloween sounding song on this disc. The two closing songs 'This Could Go on Forever' and 'I Sing Myself Away' are rounding off an outstanding and exciting musical journey with this metal veteran and his new band members.

It is a personal record with crazy mix of different influences and flows, and that might make this unsuitable for his faithful listeners, but it is a nice musical piece of art if you give it some spins.

Line up:
Andi Deris - Vocals, Guitars
Nico Martin - Guitars
Jezoar Marrero - Bass
Nasim Lopez-Palacios - Drums

01. Cock
Will We Ever Change
Banker's Delight (Dead Or Alive)
Don't Listen To The Radio (TWOTW 1938)
Who Am I
Must Be Dreaming
The Last Days Of Rain
This Could Go On Forever
I Sing Myself Away
Label: Ear Music
Distribution: Playground Music (Scandinavia)
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 21 November, 2013
Website: www.facebook.com/andiderisofficial