Power of Metal.dk Review

Among Ruins
Bring Out Your Dead
Style: Death Metal/Deathcore
Release date: 17 October, 2013
Playing time: 38:46

The debut album of this Greek band was already recorded early 2012, but now released on a bigger scale by Noisehead Records. The music is death metal-core, with the usual breakdowns, blasbeats and melodic lead guitars. You can hear that old-school death metal is a big influence and by adding some more modern metalcore influences like fast breakdowns and stuff, you get Among Ruins.

It isn't a problem to listen to this album from start to finish, but there isn't anything I hear that I haven't already heard before. I realize it isn't easy to bring something new in this genre, but as a listener and music lover I sometimes need that. Sverd (vocals, bass) his grunts and growls has the necessary variation not to get bored after a while. One thing that really keeps this album for being above average is the production. The mix could have been better, it sounds a little bit dull and the guitars and drums miss some tightness.

Nevertheless, I still think that with a better sound there is a future for a band like this. Every now and then, an interesting guitar riff passes by like in the songs "Rape on the Altar of Butchery" and "They All Will Remain" for instance. The songwriting in general is good enough and there isn't a song that is superfluous. If the production on the next album is valid, it will be easy to top this rating.

01. Carry All Your Sins
02. Face of Plague
03. Mind Scrutiny
04. Bring Out Your Dead
05. For You My Nightmare
06. Chrnbl
07. He Who Brings the Pestilence
08. Rape on the Altar of Butchery
09. Wretched Soul
10. Dead Moon and Sky
11. They All Will Remain
12. Home of the Silent
Label: Noisehead Records
Distribution: Wild Horizon Media Promotions
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 20 October, 2013
Website: www.facebook.com/amongruins