Power of Metal.dk Review

Alpha Tiger
Beneath the Surface
Style: Heavy/Progressive Metal
Release date: 28 January, 2013
Playing time: 56:40

The Saxons ALPHA TIGER are a rather dynamically developing band. Yet as thrash metal band under the name SATIN BLACK in their last demo they fall into the classic heavy metal category. They changed their name and release their debut in 2011 under this moniker. They continue to seek their sound and looking for more serious label. With their new album they succeed to impress Century Media.

The double guitar attack, the high vocals and the melodies are the trademark of the quintet. In one non one meaningful way they had found for themselves the early works of QUENSRYCHE. The approach to prog metal standards is well-balanced. But the strong influence of QUENSRYCHE is almost importunate. The vocals of Stephan Dietrich persistently seek the techniques and the high tones of Geoff Tate. The guitars did not miss to follow the vocals in this research. The classic heavy metal continues to fill more of the half of the music of ALPHA TIGER exactly as it is in the early works of the archetype. ALPHA TIGER turned to the place where began bands like CRIMSON GLORY and FATES WARNING. If we judge on their flexibility they will not follow any model.

With no doubt ‘Beneath the Surface’ is a great curtsey to the early years of QUENSRYCHE. On one hand this will be a delight to many people who grieve the decay of the Americans. On the other hand this a little bit lowers the creativity of the musicians. While developing their vision for the things the guys from ALPHA TIGER have rather complicated their compositions. Although they find a good balance between the galloping riffs, the piano colored ballad and the metal hymns, the album is a little bit heavy because of its playing time. Obviously the tracks are composed long time and in such a way did not leave place for a genius song in this album.

01. Intro
02. The Alliance

03. From Outer Space

04. Waiting For A Sign

05. Beneath The Surface

06. Along The Rising Sun

07. Eden Lies in Ruins

08. Rain

09. Crecent Moon
Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Maria D.S.
Date: 24 February, 2013
Website: www.alphatiger.de