Power of Metal.dk Review

Abstract Violence
Style: Anarcho-Thrash Metal
Release date: September 2012
Playing time: 28:49

This is the second demo of the Greek thrash ‘n’ roll (as they self define themselves) band. The youthful thrash ‘n’ beer metal of "Thrash Upon The Earth" (2011) stepped on a more conceptual position.

The thrash of ABSTRACT VIOLENCE became more distinguished. In the context of North-West Greece the band drink in the remissness of HELLHAMMER in the interpretation of vocals and garage sound which we can also find in the music of WITCHCURSE, OMEGA (Gr.) and lots more. Another distinctive feature is the affinity to anarchy.

In the fourth track the music form harshly turns to brutal punk. The quartet had performed a cover song of G.B.H. but now makes own punk songs with solid dose anarchic ideology. If we set aside from the chaotic environment in which ABSTRACT VIOLENCE are formed and develop in, we can say that they are interesting phenomena in metal. The fans that miss the true punk will appreciate their music. Till the end of the album only the track before the last one breaks up the punk mood with a powerful thrash-core burst.

The punk with VENOM back and a black flag with the symbols of the band from the artwork of „Crossoverized“ is a proper reflection of the music in their new disk. These are primal thrash and oi-punk combined in an active position toward reality with no nihilism. Fresh, but we expect something more!


01. The Demise Of Humanity
02. Hypercane
03. Crossoverized
04. Abstract Violence
05. Under The Black Flag
06. Pure Adrenaline
07. Living Like A Dog
08. Pistolero
09. Condemned To Oblivion
10. Dead Women (Never Say No)
11. S.N.M.

Label: Self-released
Distribution: Abstract Violence
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 6 January, 2013
Website: Abstract Violence @ Facebook