Time To Rise
Style: Thrash
Release date: November 2010
Playing time: 47:00

Aaaah, yes, it's a wonderful feeling when you stumble over a young band (without a deal even) who have the fire and force of the thrash bands from back then! Brazilians Woslom certainly have the fire!

The first track, also the title track of the album, sounds like it was spewed out of a latter-day Death Angel album, i.e. good quality, up-tempo thrash with a punkish side to it. The inspirational sources are Death Angel, early Slayer, early Metallica, and Exodus - you catch the drift! Yeah, it's old school and they're sound as if they're proud if it!

Without a boring moment, 'Time To Rise' encompasses riffing we've sort of heard before, put together and executed excellently. This is not technically clinical, but holds atmosphere and an obvious passion for the genre.

Put Woslom on a tour with Evile and you'd have a bit of a retro-thrasher's wet shred dream, there.

For THE winner riffs: The tune Downfall takes the prize!

This band is worth checking out!

1. Time to Rise (03:47)
2. Soulless (S.O.T.D.) (05:28 )
3. Power & Misery (08:34 )
4. The Deep Null (05:10)
5. Mortal Effect (03:06)
6. Despise Your Pain (05:04)
7. Downfall (03:03)
8. Checkmate (09:18)
9. Beyond Inferno (04:02
Label: None
Promotion: Corrosive Musik
Artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 18 June, 2012
Website: www.woslom.com