Power of Metal.dk Review

Wild Frontier
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 4 May, 2012
Playing time: 50:00

This is a new hard rock acquaintance for me. Oddly enough, I've never heard of them before, and yet these Germans in the group Wild Frontier been playing together since the early 90's with several change of the members over the years. They have previously released four full length CDs from 1994 - 2007 and now they are giving out the album called '2012', which I had no expectations about or what it would sound like.

I don't think that this will be the album of the year in the Hard Rock genre, but it has one and another shining gem in the tracklist. It's a mixed bag in of hard rock tunes on '2012', some songs are from close to stiff-hard heavy metal tracks and some are down to smooth AOR songs with catchy melodies and clean guitars. It is easily digestible 80's rock with simple refrains with cool guitar riffs that sounds typical German somehow... Vocalist Jens Walkenhorst has a voice mode in the higher Don Dokken tone. No growling here. They have tried to bake a classic melodic rock 'n' roll cake with all ingredients in the cooking book, but it became a little pale flavored and tasteless in the long run in some of the middle tracks. This is an album that grows for each listening and for me this is a nice newcomer in my rock head. As a Swede the ABBA covers fun to hear if they give a new side to the perfect original song, and Wild Frontier didn't succeed with their version.

The strongest songs are giving the whole album a decent total score. The best tunes, which will stay in my Ipod for a long time is: "Another Lovely Day Without You", "Stay Tough", "Can't You Hear Me Calling", "Why Don't You Save Me" and "To The End Of The World".

Fans of Hard Rock bands like Shylock, Khymera, Human Zoo should check this band out.

Wild Frontier: Jens Walkenhorst - Lead Vocals / Guitar, Mario Erdmann - Bass / Vocals, Thomas Ellenberger - Keyboards / Vocals, Sascha Fahrenbach - Drums /Guitar and Nico Fahrenbach - Drums.

01. 2012
02. To The End Of The World

03. It's All Over Now

04. Another Lonely Day Without You

05. Why Don't You Save Me

06. Stay Tough
07. Favorite
08. It's All Up To You

09. Tonight Tonight Tonight

10. Can't You Hear Me Calling

11. Long Gone
12. Why Are The Good Things Too Hard To Find
13. Gimme Gimme Gimme
Label: Prime Entertainment
Promotion: Connecting Music
Artwork rating: 64/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 17 April, 2012
Website: www.wildfrontier.de