Watch Me Bleed
Style: Modern thrash/metal core
Release date: 4 May, 2012
Playing time: 49:08

For this second album the band teamed up with producer Erik Freese, not only for the production of the album, but also as songwriting partner. The result is 10 songs and 4 intro/ outro's. Like on the first album the music is a mixture of metal core elements and thrash.

More than on their first album there is a resemblance with Pantera, you can hear it especially on "War Calls Us". Another explicit point is that the band has 2 vocalists. That sees to it that there is a bit more variety in singing, but I have to say that the voices both sound a bit regular to protrude in this genre. With a little bit more expression and aggression next time they can still win points. The guitars on the album and the songwriting is o.k. Enough variety in the songs and some nice guitar leads see to that. The drums sound a bit simple, but that doesn't spoil the listening pleasure.

The combination of thrash, death and core influences makes me think of Hatesphere too. Besides that they write in the info that fans of Lamb of God will like this album and because of the Pantera influences that isn't very strange. The band makes a very professional impression on me. The trailer I watched on the internet, the booklet with nice photo's and the more mature songwriting indicates that the band means business this time. The professional approach of this German band and the music on this CD will certainly take them steps ahead and if they dot their i's and cross their t's on the next album I'm sure they will.


01. The Rising Tide (Intro)
02. The Worlds Stops Moving
03. Here Comes the Red
04. War Calls Us
05. Blackest of the Black (Interlude)
06. Kingdom
07. Rack the Slide
08. Death and Pain
09. A Question of Honor (Interlude)
10. Judgement
11. The Sons of Fenris
12. From Down Below
13. Let Them Try
14. Will You Stand With Me (Outro)

Label: SAOL/H'Art/Zebralution
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 2 May, 2012