A Disturbing Presence
Style: Death Metal
Release date: 14 May, 2012
Playing time: 55:00

You take a young, passionate and talented Brazilian guy who has a penchant for old school death metal.
Give him instruments.
Put him in front of some recording equipment.

What is likely to happen is that something decent comes out of it. In the case of Bruno Schmidt, the result is decent. 'A Disturbing Presence' is a listen-worthy effort of the one-man-army Schmidt.

There are more examples of this on 'A Disturbing Presence', but for me, especially the track The Passionate Degradation shows how Schmidt has a profound understanding of the genre and how brutal music in the vein of Cannibal Corpse can be successfully merged with melody.

I am firm believer in the band synergy factor, i.e. that music put together by two people or more usually has those extra dynamics which makes music truly great and alive, but at the same time, the vision and passion of the individual shouldn't be slated just like that. Bruno has done well on this release, but it's good to see that he after the recording of the album has not only moved to the UK, but also teamed up with Greek bassist Romanos Skiados and Cypriot guitarist Manos Pefkos. Good for the future of Warclouds, I reckon.

'A Disturbing Presence is worth a try - check it out!


1. Dystopia
2. I Stare to See
3. Idealizing the Past
4. Flawless
5. Putrid Insignia
6. Clenched Teeth
7. Impetuous Wrath
8. The Passionate Degradation
9. Sharing the Filth

Label: Nope
Distribution: Nope
Artwork rating: 40/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 29 September, 2012
Website: Warclouds@MySpace