Voices of Destiny
Power Dive
Style: Gothic Metal
Release date: 27 January, 2012
Playing time: 55:22

German Voices of Destiny treats us with their second release. The orchestral gothic metal reminds me a lot of the music Nightwish used to play in the beginning of this millennium. There are only two things that make this album inferior. Maike Holzmann has a voice that sounds a bit like Simone Simmons (Epica), but she is not that good just yet. Nevertheless she does a great job with emotion in her voice and enough power.

Another weaker part are the growls/grunts filled in by Lukas Palme (keyboards). It sometimes sounds a bit too forced and they don't always add something to the songs. For the rest there is nothing to complain about. The drums sound steady, the guitar work is excellent and the keyboard solos can be compared to the ones we know from Sonata Arctica. The album sounds great with producer Andy Horn behind the buttons.

This German combination of Nightwish/Epica made a decent gothic metal album with great orchestral parts and nice melodies, but without a face of their own yet. If they can evolve even more and find a sound of their own, their third album will be even better.


01. Intro
02. Power Dive
03. My Seperation
04. Dreams Awake
05. Kami
06. Untouchable
07. Being Worth
08. Dedication
09. Your Hands
10. Red Winter's Snow
11. Outro                                                          12. Smoke and Mirrors (digipack bonus)

Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 25 January, 2012
Website: www.myspace.com/voicesofdestinylb