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Van Halen
A Different Kind of Truth
Style: Heavy Rock
Release date: 6 February, 2012
Playing time: 49:58

Van Halen has for most of the close to fourteen years that has passed since their latest studio album "III" (1998) only been in the media washing dirty laundry, when they were having line-up problems and for having problems with various substances, so to put on a brand new Van Halen album and be blown away is something most die-hard fans would only have hoped for in their wildest dreams!

But the comeback album with Diamond Dave on vocals has the spirit and energy we haven't heard from this rock institution since he left; not that the era with Sammy Hagar didn't produce good albums, but this is pure and simple heavy rock like they did back in the days! Gone is the keyboard-sauce that was too sticky on some of the material they put out after "1984". Eddie's signature guitar sound, pounding drums and a solid bass wall is back and so is the charismatic and authentic voice of David Lee Roth! While he might not the strongest or technical most skilled vocalist in the world, he surely makes up for as an entertainer.

To put things in perspective: they have recorded a remake of the classic song "She's the Woman" that original was on the demo-tape that got them signed, a song that for some strange reason has been around since 1976, but it has never been recorded before. And it fits perfectly in with the remaining twelve songs because they too captures the essence of Van Halen anno 1978-1984; just sent forward to today's modern sounds and technique.

50 minutes of pure listening pleasure and a joy to listen to over and over... "A Different Kind of Truth" is surely a very strong contender, even this early, for comeback album of the year and a proof of that dinosaurs aren't extinct after all...

01. Tattoo (4:44)
02. She's the Woman (2:56)
03. You and Your Blues (3:43)
04. China Town (3:14)
05. Blood and Fire (4:26)
06. Bullethead (2:30)
07. As Is (4:47)
08. Honeybabysweetiedoll (3:46)
09. The Trouble With Never (3:59)
10. Outta Space (2:53)
11. Stay Frosty (4:07)
12. Big River (3:50)
13. Beats Workin' (5:02)
Label: Interscope
Distribution: Universal
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 6 February, 2012
Website: www.van-halen.com