Power of Metal.dk Review

Fables of the Sleepless Empire
Style: Avant-Garde Metal, Progressive Metal
Release date: 7 October, 2011
Playing time: 55:46

When does metal becomes “avant-garde”? I am not so sure, often the term is used too widely but in the case of Unexpect I think it is somewhat fitting. I say this in as a positive way possible because this is a very good album that has been growing on me since I first heard it quite some time ago.

Unexpect plays all kinds of metal mixed with nearly all kinds of other music as well and to call it chaotic is not exaggeration. You will find vocals both male and female ranging from operatic to growls and violin on top of the usual rock instruments and finally on top of that, synthesizers used in ways weird and wondrous.  But where other bands sometimes fail when it comes to mixing so much Unexpect succeeds.

With their new album “Fable of the Sleepless Empire” the band has improved themselves since their previous album “In a Flesh Aquarium”. I think that they somehow have managed to make a more “catchy” album this time, considering the genre in question of course. Even though the music is chaotic, all the members of the band really deliver a very fine piece of work and there is never a dull moment.  I will not recommend any particular songs since the album really works best as a whole.

This is not an album for everyone but it has my recommendation and if you are a fan of bands like Sigh and Diablo Swing Orchestra you should certainly give it a try.

01. Unsolved Ideas Of A Distorted Guest
02. Words
03. Orange Vigilantes
04. Mechanical Phoenix
05. The Quantum Symphony
06. Unfed Pendulum
07. In The Mind Of The Last Whale
08. Silence This Parasite
09. A Fading Stance
10. When The Joyful Dead Are Dancing

11. Until Yet A Few More Deaths Do Us Part
Label: Factor
Promotion: Gordeon Music
Reviewed by: Steen Schøn
Date: 9 September, 2012
Website: www.unexpect.com