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Dig in Deep
Style: Melodic Hard Rock
Release date: 20 April, 2012
Playing time: 45:20

22 years after this New Jersey band’s debut album" Don’t Come Easy", the four original members of Tyketto release their fourth studio record, "Dig In Deep". Danny Vaughn may be known to ardent hard rock fans as one of the Waysted singers back in the mid 80’s. Just as many of the early 90’s hard rock bands, Tyketto suffered from the grunge and alternative music, which swept in like a firestorm, so for all that miss these classic quartet with blazing solos and great melodies, you may find solace in these 11 tracks.

Brooke St. James is a brilliant guitarist with both the acoustic and the electric guitar and on this strong melodic New Jersey rock album he is the biggest and clearest star. It's cowardly to say that this is the best Tyketto album in decades, but the competition is mega tough this year in the melodic rock genre. Many of the reunited band from the end of the 80's and beginning of the 90's have released strong albums and "Dig in Deep" is not one of the strongest so far.

The intro track 'Faithless' is a great tune with a lot of melodic rock ingredients and is the best track on "Dig in Deep". Together with the title track 'Dig in Deep' it rocks and swings quite good, and several of the songs are alright, but doesn't leave any permanent impressions on me. A decent album but not an exceptional piece of art. I expected a fresher and alerter new release from Tyketto and to be honest, this it's not a 'Don't Come Easy part 2'. Too many middle of the class tracks, but the genuine trademark for the band is still the great guitars and the smooth, charming melodies with the awesome singing from Danny, which keeps the score at a reasonable level.

Tyketto: Danny Vaughn (vocals), Brooke St. James (guitars), Jimi Kennedy (bass) and Michael Clayton (drums).

01. Faithless
02. Love To Love

03. Here’s Hoping It Hurts

04. Battle Lines

05. The Fight Left In Me

06. Evaporate
07. Monday
08. Dig In Deep

09. Sound Off

10. Let This One Slide

11. This Is How We Say Goodbye
Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 78/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 16 April, 2012
Website: www.frontiers.it.