Power of Metal.dk Review

Trail of Murder
Shades of Art
Style: Melodic Heavy/Power Metal
Release date: 26 October, 2012
Playing time: 52:01

The little town Bollnäs in Sweden has educated a whole bunch of great metal musicians like the powerhouse vocalist Urban Breed formerly of Tad Morose, who along with his former band mate Daniel Olsson, have hooked-up with 'Morgana Lefay/Bloodbound drummer Pelle Åkerlind. Together with the bassist Johan Bergquist and guitarist Hasse Eismar they've completed the line-up in the new exciting project Trial of Murder.

Both Breed and Åkerlind played together earlier in the great metal band Bloodbound and those influences can be heard here and there on this record, but the boys have had plenty of time to prepare themselves for this release. It is a much thicker sound, for example in 'Carnivore' and in 'Mob', I hear some of the eminent Evergrey's heavier Gothenburg metal sound spheres. The melodic metal tracks like 'Shades Of Art', 'I Know Shadows', 'Your Silence' and 'The Song You Never Sang' are very well crafted and it all has a adult mood. The superb vocal performance from Urban is at the same high level as the amazing Jonny Lindqvist in Nocturnal Rites. All the twelve tracks are super strong with no fillers and this is one of the best heavy metal albums this year from any of my compatriots in the heavy metal genre. Teaser on youtube.

There is much to appreciate and little to be disturbed of in this album. With dazzling guitars, damn good drumming from Åkerlind and the magical voice of Breed contributes to a rigid and vigorously wall of sound that swells for every spin. In the best song on SoA 'Higher' is everything in the right place and this marvelous song really takes my breath away. 'The Song You Never Sang' is a Kamelot similar song which has a splendid guitar solo.

This a must buy disc; for me and all fans of melodic power metal, who loves when the vocals along with the guitars are in a incredible harmony and it swings in a contagious pace. With support from Jonas Kjellgren behind the mixing table, this is nothing short of a dart in the bulls eye!

I truly hope that this is the start of an international breakthrough for Breed and his faithful squire in Trail Of Murder. Very promising debut from these talented musicians that I believe with the right support and guidance can continue to grow together. I really wish that the next studio production should not take a long time to get to us demanding and thirsty music consumers. (Kenn: Thank's for the tip)

01. Shades Of Art
Lady Don't Answer
I Know Shadows
Your Silence
The Song You Never Sang
Nightmares I Stole
Child Of The Darkest Night
Some Stand Alone
12. My Heart Still Cries
Label: Metal Heaven
Distribution: Sound Pollution
Artwork rating: 92/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 20 November, 2012
Website: www.trailofmurder.com