Thy Majestie
Style: Symphonic Power Metal
Release date: 25 September, 2012
Playing time: 65:04

This is the fifth record of this Italian power metal band. Epic songs with symphonic influences and an excellent singer (Dario Cascio). The band is not very known outside their home country and I don't know if that is going to change with this new album?

Compared to their earlier albums there isn't a lot of new stuff going on. The songs are rather fast and in my opinion sometimes a little too busy. There is so much going on that it goes at the cost of the compositions. A key role is therefore the keyboards. With nice melodies they ink the songs together. All in all a nice symphonic power metal album, but for me it could have been a little less ADHD sounding. A little more rest and measurement would do some songs good.

Sometimes less is more.


01. Zhoongguo
Seven Reigns
Harbringer of a New Dawn
Sibling of Tian
05. Walls of the Emperor

Under the Same Sky
08. Huanghun
09. Ephemeral
10. End of the Days
11. Requiem

Label: Scarlet Records
Distribution: Scarlet Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 28 September, 2012