Power of Metal.dk Review

March of Progress
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 24 August, 2012
Playing time: 69:09

"March of Progress" marks the return of original vocalist Damian Wilson, who rejoins Threshold in place of Andrew "Mac" McDermott, who sadly passed away last year. And studio album number nine from the British progressive metal pioneers couldn't have a more fitting title. They have used the five years that have passed since their latest album "Dead Reckoning" was released to move forward and they return in great shape.

They have established their own unique sound a long time ago, and they do stay within the safe confines of their well established sound barriers; the drumming is precise and sharp, the bass-lines have the right punch, they keyboards is right in your face without dominating, they guitar riffs are razor-sharp and the soli are brilliant. And above it all we have Damian's high-pitched and smooth pipes, which for the second time this year blast all competition away.

"March of Progress" is a perfect statement from the undisputed progressive metal champions of Britain, and they have been challenged over the last few years, but they have risen to the challenge and came out victorious. Threshold has never sounded as strong and unified as they do on "March of Progress" and this album has everything I had hoped for, so without any hesitation I give this album my strongest recommendation to progressive metal fans of all ages!

Well done!

01. Ashes (6:51)
02. Return of the Thought Police (6:09)
03. Staring at the Sun (4:25)
04. Liberty Complacency Dependency (7:48)
05. Colophon (6:00)
06. The Hours (8:15)
07. That's Why We Came (5:40)
08. Don't Look Down (8:12)
09. Coda (5:23)
10. The Rubicon (10:21)
Label: Nuclear Blast
Distribution: Warner Music (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 19 August, 2012
Website: www.thres.net