The Outside
The Outside
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 15 June, 2012
Playing time: 42:32

Members born in Chile, Turkey and Germany form this band. These cultural background leads to interesting progressive metal.

The music of the Outside sounds like Nevermore from start to finish. Singer Roland Marx sounds almost the same as Warrel Dane and there are also a lot of musical equalities. Roland sometimes sounds a bit lower and more aggressive, but in the higher regions he sounds like Warrel's brother. The songs are not of the same caliber, but they surely don't sound bad and in general, the production of a Nevermore album is better.

I can write pages about their music, but I can keep this review short by saying that Nevermore fans have to check this band out. Not yet as good as their big example, but a nice substitute. 


01. Empire
02. The Worm
03. Revolt of Reason
04. Blood Runs Black
05. My Revolution
06. Impurity
07. Spores Of Greed
08. We Are Sin
09. Perfect Reign
The Stench

Label: SAOL/H'Art/Zebralution
Distribution: SAOL/H'Art/Zebralution
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 15 June, 2012