Power of Metal.dk Review

Act 1
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 24 August, 2012
Playing time: Disc 1: 68:40, Disc 2: 59:35

The unique vocal force from one of the strongest female voices in the metal business is unleashed on a double live disc. Recorded at two shows in Rosairo, Argentina in March 2012. I'm still very sad about the divorce between Nightwish and Tarja Turunen, despite two strong discs with Anette Olsson, the albums with Tarja were the ones that lifted Nightwish to the unique and innovative level.

She has a majestic voice, which personality is portrayed in the classic Nightwish song 'Nemo'. Her solo songs are unfortunately not playing in the same league. The first disc is mostly her own songs, spiced with 'Nemo' and a cover of Withesnakes' 'Still of The Night' (a horrible version). I'm not the biggest fan of Tarjas solo project, but she has found her own style in the female fronted metal genre. How about female fronted opera-metal? I can't hear the same tight and solid support that she used to have with Holopainen and c/o. I know that I shouldn't compare her with her former band, but I have 'End of an Era' on DVD and it's one is one of my personal favourite DVD's. This isn't even close.

Tarja on stage with her majestic appearance is something special anyway. Her symphonic style is epic and different, but the songs have not been written by the metal master. "Act 1" didn't find the way to my heart and soul. The pauses between the songs don’t create the live atmosphere, because the small talk and the crowd’s response is a part of the mood on a live album. Several of the songs are sleeping pills, but a few golden highlights rescue this album from my big axe. I wanted more of the pompous, symphonic and bombastic metal sound to support her dynamic high pitched powerful vocal.

This just felt weak and lame. I'm looking forward to hear a new studio album soon, because this was so-so...

Disc One:
01. Anteroom of Death
My Little Phoenix
Dark Star
Falling Awake
I Walk Alone
Little Lies
Into the Sun
Never Enough
Still of the Night
12. In for a Kill

Disc Two:
01. Boy and the Ghost
02. Lost Northern Star
03. Ciaran's Well
04. Tired of Being Alone
05. Where Were You Last Night - Heaven Is a Place On Earth - Livin´On a Prayer
06. Underneath
07. Oasis - The Archive of Lost Dreams
08. Crimson Deep
09. Toccata - The Phantom of the Opera
10. Die Alive
11. Until My Last Breath
12. Over the Hills and Far Away
Label: Edel Germany
Distribution: Playground Music (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 82/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 25 November, 2012
Website: www.tarjaturunen.com