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Emotional Fire
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 24 February, 2012
Playing time: 38:48

Sunstorm is a project where the singer Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple and Malmsteen) delves deep into the archives and release some old rock pearls on this album. "Emotional Fire" is the third album in the series and it's this time made up with material from the sessions Turner did in the 80s as a background vocalist for other artists such as Michael Bolton ("Gina") and Cher ("Emotional Fire"). The track listing is complemented by songs written by, among others Soren Kronkvist (Crash The System, Issa), Tom and James Martin (Vega, Sunstorm, Khymera) and Daniel Palmqvist (Xorgin, Murder On My Sweet).

Dennis Ward takes care of the production on 'Emotional Fire' and together with Uwe Reitenauer on guitars, Chris Schmidt drums and Justin Dakey on keyboards they have made some elegant musical loops and alot of powerful songs, which on the whole offers a great mix of beautiful ballads and thrilling hard rock songs. 'Never Give Up' is truly one of the better song I've heard so far this year, both with a great pace and catchy choruses that gives me a big wide smile. The title track steps down in tempo and Joe gives the song a high standard with his awesome vocal performance. Track after track with clean melodic choruses, high octane rock and all the songs you wish on a top album like this.

Let's jump to 'Wish You Were Here' and on this song I really felt the presence of the Scandinavian Melodic Rock song writers. 'Emotional Fire' is overall a solid AOR album with all the ingredients needed to make a classic melodic rock album and with Joe Lynn Turner by the mic it's hard to fail. It's like a warm winter quilt to have in the sofa while the snow whirls around outside the window. Keep on delivering albums like this Jeff, and show the world what a star you are.

01. Never Give Up
02. Emotional Fire
03. Lay Down Your Arms
04. You Wouldn't Know Love
05. Wish You Were Here
06. Torn In Half
07. Gina
08. The Higher You Rise
09. Emily
10. Follow Your Heart
11. All I Am
Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 90/100 (Optional)
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 6 February, 2012
Website: www.frontiers.it