Slaughter Denial
Style: Thrash/Death Metal
Release date: January 2012
Playing time: 45:41

A writer's block is not something I'm suffering from (so far). Sometimes I have a kind of listening block, if that actually exists anyway. Day in and day out listening to different styles of music time after time and again and again, sometimes gets too much. After listening to this album for the 5th time I caught myself listening to it without paying attention. To make a long story short; I still couldn't say anything about the album. Is the album that boring, or did I think about something else all the time? I concluded after listening a few times more that it probably is a combination of both.

This Italian band combines thrash riffs with death metal groove and vocals. Front man Fabrizio Losapio changes easily from aggressive thrash into death grunting vocals. That brings some variety to the songs and makes them more interesting. The riffs, the aggression, the groove, the tight rhythm; all can heard and it is all executed rather well. But somehow I can't keep focus for the whole album. I think it has to do with the songs. They don't have the same constant high quality yet and they don't stick and work addictive enough.

The last track "Mind Diverted" is in my opinion one of the better tracks, the changing from aggressive higher pitched vocals into low grunting ones sounds very natural and the tempo changes and very tight riffing give the song the necessary variety and heaviness. The 5 minute spoken part that starts after a minute of silence is a total waste of time. Therefore the playing time (real music) is only just 40 minutes and not 45:41.

Nevertheless, not a bad effort and certainly an album that deserves to be checked out.


01. Ruthless Throwback
02. Milwaukee Cannibal
03. Strategy of Tension
04. Illusion of Doubles
05. Redeemer Butcher
06. Treachery
07. Chilling Abduction
08. Psychopathic
09. Mind Diverted

Label: Crash n Burn Records
Distribution: Masterpiece Distribution
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 18 February, 2012